Eagle Park Spark Program

    Welcome to our affordable living sales referral program.  Know someone considering the purchase of a new home in Murphy?  Submit their contact info using the simple form show and receive a healthy reward check if they become Eagle Park residents!

    The Eagle Park Spark program has been designed to reward area residents and guests, Realtors, brokers, agents for making their clients, friends, family and others in the market for a new home aware of the beautiful new mountain homes available in the Eagle Park community.

It’s Simple!

    Share the info requested in the form shown below and earn valuable Spark rewards if your client or friend purchases a new Eagle Park home and closes on the purchase by 5:00pm Eastern time on December 31, 2024.  No further action is required.  We’ll register your referral with our sales team, confirm receipt of your registration via email or text, and contact you for reward payment instructions after the new home purchase is complete.

Q2 Spark Rewards

    The following Spark rewards are available for program referrals submitted no later than June 30, 2024 and home sales closed no later than December 31, 2024.

    – Realtors and licensed real estate brokers/agents – 3% of the new home purchase price
    – Friends and Family – $1,000

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