Real Estate Brokers and Agents

    Many local real estate brokers/agents have been briefed on new community projects planned for the next few years.  Brokers and agents are encouraged to register prospective clients with the site developer to protect their participation as buyer agents for residential homes or commercial property in Hawk Ridge Landing.  

    Residential homes in Hawk Ridge Landing are offered with open listings to encourage sales participation by real estate brokers and agents in the area.  Additional information regarding sales and referral commissions is available upon request.  Broker listings are planned for commercial sites as they become available.    

    New singe famliy residential homes are now available for sale in Eagle Park – more info is available here.  MLS listings for selected new Eagle Park homes will begin in early 2024. 

    Questions and inquiries for additional information regarding joint sales opportunities, preconstruction home reservations, and commercial property sales should be directed to the site manager at (828) 575-0444 or

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