Property Owner Associations

    Hawk Ridge owners, residents and guests benefit from the development and maintenance standards of a master property owner association (POA) governing all privately owned property in the community.  In some cases, additional standards are provided by individual neighborhood associations as well.

    Community managers and their trusted network of local contractors and operators do their very best to maintain each Hawk Ridge neighborhood using the highest possible quality standards at the lowest reasonable cost.

    Unlike many mountain subdivisions in the area, Hawk Ridge owners and residents enjoy a much wider array of common property and amenity areas throughout the community, including paved roads, underground utilities, drainage and erosion control areas, sidewalks, hiking and biking trails, parks and amenity areas, landscaping, signage, street lights, building and amenity lighting, clubhouse and recreation areas, and more.

    Hawk Ridge community associations and property use guidelines were established using industry standards and best practices for annual budget structures, equitable allocation of maintenance and operational costs, and comprehensive maintenance schedules to make sure each neighborhood in the community receives timely services and quick responses to property owners and residents.

Master POA

    All property owners in the community become members of the master Property Owner Association when they purchase their property.  The master POA and its associated property use guidelines apply to both residential and commercial property owners.

     Master POA members pay prorated monthly or annual membership fees to cover all required maintenance services and capital reserves needed by the overall community.  Association budgets are developed, collected, and managed by their respective board of directors and administered by their officers.  Directors and officers are elected and rotated in accordance with applicable provisions of North Carolina law. 

A copy of the Master POA bylaws, restrictions, guidelines, etc. is available from the Hawk Ridge Landing site manager.

Neighborhood Associations

    In addition to the Master POA, additional neighborhood associations are sometimes desirable (or required by NC law) for selected sections of the community with unique needs.  For example, condominium homes are required to include a Condominium Owners Association (“COA”) to manage their specific operations, maintenance, and utility needs. 

    For example, the Creekside Flats COA was formed to address the operational needs and legal requirements associated with a NC condominium project.  Similar HOA/COA associations may apply to other community neighborhoods as well. 

    Current and prospective property owners may access the Hawks Nest Portal to review and download the association and property restriction documents applicable to their specific community property. 

    Questions and inquiries for additional information may be directed to the site manager at (828) 575-5315 or

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