Hawk Ridge Landing Development Vision

    The vision to create Hawk Ridge was inspired by the opportunity for area residents, newcomers, and guests to benefit from recent social, economic, and environmental factors impacting how people live, work, play and learn in the Appalachian Mountains.  The primary objectives of the new community are to provide additional housing options for local residents, guests and newcomers and help local businesses flourish and attract/retain the employees they need to best serve local area residents. 

    The peaceful towns of Murphy and Hayesville in North Carolina and nearby Blue Ridge, Blairsville, Hiwassee, Young Harris in Georgia and their scenic mountain landscapes have evolved into a growing regional hub of interconnected and interdependent communities spanning the adjacent borders of North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Social Benefits

    Like many areas of the United States, NC/GA mountain areas currently suffer from an acute housing shortage in almost every category, including single-family homes, multifamily homes, rental homes, apartments, affordable housing, and more.  A key benefit of the vision was the ability to offer new housing alternatives in several of these categories to local residents and newcomers to the area.     

    The close geographical proximity of these mountain towns allows residents and guests in one town to easily commute to and enjoy the benefits offered by local businesses and attractions in the other towns. For example, some residents live in the Murphy area, enjoy a relatively short daily commute to work in nearby Hayesville, and occasionally pop over to nearby Blairsville for dinner at the Longhorn Steakhouse. Together these communities provide a more diverse, robust and flexible lifestyle than a single small town might offer on its own.

    Each mountain town and its surrounding area offers plenty of wide-open space, beautiful and affordable homes and land, stunning mountain and river views and vistas, and numerous options to enjoy living and playing in the great outdoors. Amazing parks, waterfalls, hiking and biking trails, campgrounds, mountaintop overlooks and more abound in this area, offering a unique combination of lifestyle options to please your passion.

Economic Benefits

From an economic perspective, the area offers numerous benefits to both residents and local businesses, including more diverse employment opportunities, the ability for employers to create and fill jobs from a wider population base and grow their business, a wider customer base to keep local shops and restaurants in business to serve their local communities, and more.

A limited supply of available housing in the local real estate market has created difficult hiring challenges for many local employers, as new employees are often unable to buy or rent homes located anywhere near their new place of employment.  Over time, Hawk Ridge Landing expects to bring hundreds of new homes and rental property to the area. 

Environmental Benefits

    From an environmental perspective, this part of the US is well-known for its interest in protecting the many natural wonders of the local environment, including its vast mountain forests, abundant wildlife, fertile valleys, and clear rivers, lakes and streams. Local residents and businesses strive to live, work and play in harmony with nature and protect the environment. The utilization of renewable and sustainable resources like timber, solar and hydroelectric power, water conservation, etc. is encouraged and highly valued in the region.

    While increasing population growth in the region is inevitable, local residents much prefer that residential and commercial development projects take place in a planned and responsible manner while protecting as much natural beauty and as many natural resources as possible.

Key Features

    The natural mountain site and the surrounding regional area offer many attractive features to new residents and
businesses, including:

  • A premier geographical location in the heart of the US Hwy 64 business district near
    downtown Murphy
  • Easy access to residential sections of the site from US Hwy 64 
  • Convenient 4-lane turnaround intersection on the corner of Hwy 64 and Butler Mountain Rd
  • Gated entrance road and guardhouse serving residential areas
  • Beautiful mountain springs and creeks extending deep into the community
  • Quiet and serene wooded mountain hills and valleys located throughout the community
  • Easy access to commercial sections of the community from Butler Mountain Road 
  • High-visibility commercial building locations on Hwy 64 and interior building locations
  • Modern local utility services including 3-phase power, water, sewer, fiber, broadband
  • Land available for larger projects and buildings

Join Us!

Hawk Ridge was created to bring all these regional opportunities and more.  Community residents will live in a secure community with efficiently designed mountainside homes and villas tucked into the hills, ridges and trees in its beautiful forests.  Local businesses will establish new shops, storefronts, offices, etc. and create new jobs to serve both residents and guests living within Hawk Ridge and the surrounding regional area as well.

Perhaps most importantly, residents and businesses will enjoy living and relaxing in harmony with nature along the peaceful creeks, streams, springs, hiking and biking trails, park and recreation areas, playgrounds, picnic and gathering areas, and other community amenities.

Welcome to Hawk Ridge Landing – a new mixed-use mountain community near downtown Murphy, North Carolina – where rustic mountain living and modern lifestyles converge in harmony with nature.

We hope you will decide to join us in your next new home or business!

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